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Our philosophy for arks
Back to nature
What's Ark-Shelter?
Ark-Shelters are prefabricated, fully finished, modular units. By a lake, deep in a forest, at the edge of a field, a steep mountain hill or your city rooftop! Make your dream come true, installed in one day, no extra on-site work.

The shelters are built in one piece, which gives the incredible mobility to reach your dream location. Modularity ensures that over time you can grow your Ark to your needs. The units are created by craftsmen in our factory.

We have ideal conditions and are able to reach the highest details and reduce production time. Which allows us to keep control of the price, remove any onsite construction constraints and make your dream home, on time, on budget, at the highest quality possible.

Look around in the ark-shelter
Visit our website on a bigger screen to enjoy a virtual tour of an ark.
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Why Ark-Shelter?
Back to nature
Find a space to unwind

Ark-Shelter shows the beauty of natural light and allows you to reconnect with nature. The large single pane windows seamlessly integrate the natural environment within your Ark. Enjoy a moment for yourself and take time to unwind.

Connect with nature

Due to Ark-Shelter’s self-sufficient system and ecological materials, you’ll live with zero-impact. Become as productive as nature itself, and grow and bloom within your own Ark.

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About Ark-Shelter
Back to nature
Our Arks are manufactured by carefully selected and trained craftsmen. The high-quality wood we use for the base structure is durable and designed to be resistant in any environment.

Ark-Shelter began with one question: how will people live in the future? Architecture students Michiel and Martin came up with the first concept of the Ark-Shelter, a compact house with a clean design. It’s a reinvention of how people live their lives in today’s fast paced and busy world by going back to nature and back to basics. The concept has one purpose, allow people to come to themselves, reconnect with nature and reconnect with themselves.

Take a look at how we installed this Ark-Shelter

Curious to see how we install the Arks? Watch the video.

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We care about mother nature
Back to nature
It has never been more important to care about mother nature.

Our shelters are handcrafted using durable materials to ensure a long life span. They are placed on ground screws to leave nature untouched. Shelters can be built with renewable resources, such as solar energy and rain water. Our goal is to sustain a mutually beneficial relationship with our natural environment.