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How Ark-Shelter came to be
Sustainable living
We are architects who’ve come together to reinvent the way people live their lives. In today’s fast world, society has fallen into a continuous loop of pressure and deadlines that forces stress and burn-outs. People are not following their own senses, and become slaves of artificially set timings and technology. This is why we’re losing connection with our biological roots.
We’ve found a way to escape from this stressful life and return to the roots. We believe that by incorporating nature back into your life, you will find the break you need.

That’s how Ark-Shelter was born. Ark gives you an escape and a shelter to protect you. Our appreciation for low-tech architecture has created a home that everyone can enjoy. At first, it was a shelter, a cocoon without TV, a silent place to reconnect with and appreciate nature, a cozy home where you could find yourself.

Afterwards we realized that our homes have to be more oriented to our biological rhythms. Our designs are easily adaptable to the different stages in your life, and transform with sides that fold open. Our Arks adjust to the landscape and become an extension of nature.

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Our vision and who we are
Connect with nature
Get back to the roots by reconnecting with nature, your senses and your natural biorhythm.

With our unique designs, we want people to recharge in a minimalist space and focus on the here and now. At the same time, our Arks also help you reconnect with nature. You can, for instance, fall asleep under the night sky in your Ark-Shelter with a big glass ceiling.

We generate houses in which people can rediscover their lost sense of daily life and restore their natural biorhythms.
— Martin Mikovčák/ Ark-Shelter architect

Our Arks help you reset your natural biorhythm. Sleep under the skylight, wake up rested with sunrise and get back in touch with nature and yourself.

The founders talking about the story.

Watch the video above about the impact Ark-Shelter had.

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Our design principles
Sustainable living
Our Arks are created by craftsmen. Thanks to our high quality wood skeleton structures we can guarantee a durable, solid design that shelters you from all the elements. Here are some of our design principles.

Our Arks are built to expand, contract and move. Our modular system is in a constant flux.

Back to basics

Living in a shelter is living in the environment. Being in an Ark is being in harmony with your environment. Our Arks can function off the grid.


We work with durable wooden skeleton structures that last decades. Our Arks shelter you from the elements and allow the elements to shine.


Our Arks are equipped with smart, simple technology to keep you focused on what matters.

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Cezaar award
Architectural Fenomena
Ark-Shelter is honored to have won a Cezaar award in the category Architectural Fenomena. The Cezaars are a recognition for the most exceptional architectural achievements of the year, organized by the Slovak Chamber of Architects.
We have been featured on the news.
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Back to nature
Here you'll find some features, awards and recognition.

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CEZAAR - won category architectural Fenomena
Real-estate of the year 2016 — nominee
Birdhouse startup
Entrepreneur student of the year.

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Meet the team
Back to nature
The brains behind Ark-Shelter.
Michiel De Backer


Martin Mikovcak


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Contact us
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Got a question about our Arks? Or you just want to talk with us. We are always up for a conversation!