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Why put an ark in nature?
Sustainable living
Recharge in your own getaway, one step from your house.

We don’t have time to escape to a silent place every day, but we have to switch off the pressure from the city life. By placing a pavilion in your garden, we can create your personal protected safe haven, your own private oasis, your own world at your fingertips.

It’s just in my backyard, but every time I enter, I feel as if I’m in a different world. It’s my own space for meditation.
— Eddy Vanderlinden

Create a space just for you, where you can relax on your own or enjoy an evening with your family and friends.

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The perks of owning an ark
Sustainable living
We have become an indoor generation, due to the life style reality of today. Our Arks merge with your garden. Live outside without losing the comfort you need.
Building speed

Receive your cabin within a few weeks, thanks to our prefabricated modules.

Easy installation

With the help of a few ground screws, there’s no need to dig for foundations.


Use your Ark to unwind on your own or as shelter for your evening garden party.


The full wall windows create a sense of being outside while being inside.

Social magnet

Your Ark is the ideal place to come together with friends or have meetings in.


A secret hide-out right in your garden, perfect to unwind after a busy day.

Visit our website on a bigger screen to enjoy a virtual tour of an ark.
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Ready to take action?
Back to nature
Winter or summer, get an extra space to relax in close to your home. Download our brochure or get in contact.

Let’s go less tense, relax and recharge for a new day coming. Unwind in your garden in an Ark, mother nature will help you to recharge.

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Our other purposes
Back to nature