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Custom Ark-Shelter projects
Dreams to reality
We build your custom Ark together with you. Designed and crafted especially for your needs and dreams.

Look at our shelters as a modular system that allows infinite space transformations. Although our modules are created fully finished in the workshop. After placing, you don’t feel like living in a mobile structure. You are able to add modules and transform your Ark, even after several years.

As architects, we love the neverending story and dialogue between our Arks, its surroundings and ourselves.
— Martin & Michiel / The Ark Architects

Our residential houses follow family needs. Enlargements of new bedrooms, spaces to play and relax in or commercial spaces that follow your business growth.

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The project process
Custom builds
We are a team of architects, engineers and craftsmen. Our diverse team works together as one to transform your visions into design phases and eventually, reality.
Let’s get to know each other.

We are interested to hear about your project and ideas! Explain us how we can use our modular building system to help you realize your dreams.

We go in design phase.

We start drawing in close dialogue with you. When approved, we present our renders to you and make up a detailed building budget.

Let’s build and place.

When we start manufacturing your Ark, your input is essential. Once it’s ready, we deliver and install on place. All you have to do now is watch as your house grows.

Change your projects.

Whenever you feel the necessity of change; contact us and we show you several options on how your building can transform easily.

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Things we did before
Custom builds
Examples of custom already built Arks. Each of them is unique and a reflection of someone’s dream coming true.
GAB ShowroomBelgium2018
view photos
GAB Showroomview photos
Prototype ShelterBruges, BelgiumSeptember 2015
view photos
Prototype Shelterview photos
Roof ExtensionOordegem, BelgiumSeptember 2017
view photos
Roof Extensionview photos
Rolls RoyceGoodwood, UKMarch 2018
view photos
Rolls Royceview photos
Into the Wild CabinNorth of Slovakia, KysuceMay 2018
view photos
Into the Wild Cabinview photos
Roof - ApartmentRoeselare, BelgiumOctober 2017
view photos
Roof - Apartmentview photos
Floating RestaurantLakes in BelgiumJune 2017
view photos
Floating Restaurantview photos
KindergartenKnokke, BelgiumJuly 2018
view photos
Kindergartenview photos
Ski SaunaFrozen summits of a hillWinter 2017-18
view photos
Ski Saunaview photos
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Our other purposes
Sustainable living