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Why put an ark in nature?
Sustainable living
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city life and recharge in an Ark.

Ark’s mobile and zero impact design allows you to change destinations while leaving nature untouched. The minimalist design blends in with the landscape and lets you enjoy nature by becoming part of it.

I’m more at peace since I made the decision to buy an Ark-Shelter.
— Mathias Sergeant

Our panoramic views allow you to enjoy camping without giving up comfort, unlike anything before.

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The perks of owning an ark
Sustainable living
Our Arks are created by craftsmen. Thanks to the high-quality wooden skeleton structures we can guarantee a durable, solid design that shelters you from all the elements.
Connect to disconnect

Connect with nature and disconnect with the rest of the world. Breathe and practice your mindfulness.

The perfect hideout

Escape and get comfortable in your own space. Your Ark is the place where nothing is necessary.

Ecologically built

When building the Ark-Shelters, we want to minimize our ecological impact as much as we can.

Connect with the earth

Surrounded by nature outside, but also inside your Ark-Shelter to truly reconnect with the earth.


We design everything down to the last detail. Every Ark we create is unique in its own way.


The fewer the stimuli around you, the more your senses can be in focus. Enjoy the minimalist design.

Look around in the ark-shelter
Visit our website on a bigger screen to enjoy a virtual tour of an ark.
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Ready to take action?
Sustainable living
Would you like more information or answers to your questions? Let’s meet!

It is extremely important for us to create your perfect hideout. That’s why we design and create an Ark-Shelter together, adapted to your needs.

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Our other purposes
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