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Why put an ark in nature?
Sustainable living
A place to increase your focus, improve your productivity and spark your creativity.

With an Ark-Shelter as an office, you’ll work in a sophisticated space with minimalistic architecture and a pure interior. Imagine a blank space, where no details can cloud your mind. The mental peace allows you to focus all your attention on the work that needs to be done.

My mind is at ease in my skybox office. It’s easier to stay focused and recall memories without having to look for them in my notes.
— T. Sebo, I. Lichy / architects and developers

The combination of clean architecture, natural light and durable elements contribute to a productive and creative work space. Bring out the best in yourself.

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The perks of owning an ark
Sustainable living
Imagine a spot where you can breathe and nothing disturbs your creativity, like a cloud in a sky. Let’s step in pure space and let your mind do the work.

Enjoy the minimalist design. The fewer the stimuli in the ark, the more you’ll focus.


By folding walls and lifting up ceilings in your ark, you can create private offices.


Your building can grow as fast as your company just by adding new ark modules.


Your Ark-Shelter can easily and quickly change from one location to another.


Quality materials with fire, water and damage resistance ensure lasting a lifetime.


Our thermally and acoustically isolated cabins give your peace and quiet.

Look around in the ark-shelter
Visit our website on a bigger screen to enjoy a virtual tour of an ark.
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Ready to take action?
Sustainable living
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With Ark-Shelter it is easy to follow the growth and transformation of your company. Make it happen now.

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Our other purposes
Sustainable living